Ubisoft hired veteran DICE to lead its new studio

Ubisoft organized a new studio in Stockholm, Sweden and was hired by a veteran of the game industry – Patrick Bach, a former employee of DICE, who worked there for 15 years in managerial positions.

Bach said goodbye to DICE a year ago, and now got to Ubisoft: “Communicating with Ubisoft on the topic of values ​​and aspirations, I noticed that we are much alike. Especially when it comes to the creative and practical game development process. I feel that I will be able to realize my potential in the Ubisoft family in a new way. ”

The new studio received the simple name Ubisoft Stockholm and will work on the game based on the “Avatar” by James Cameron, along with the developers of The Division of Ubisoft Massive. The new studio opened many new vacancies and is ready to assemble a staff of 100 employees in two years.

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