The star of the cover of NBA Live 18 was James Harden

Electronic Arts announced that the NBA Live 18 basketball simulator will be released on the consoles of the current generation on September 15. The star of the cover was the athlete James Harden.

EA decided to release its game simultaneously with NBA 2K18 , which is released on September 19, but in the case of pre-order will be exactly the same available to players on the 15th of the following month. Today in PS Store and Xbox Live there will be a free demo of NBA Live 18.

In the demo there will be a prologue to the new story mode of the career of The One and events with access to unlocked awards. All progress will be saved and moved to the release version of the game after purchase.

In addition, in the demo, you can bring together the teams Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors on the Oracle Arena with all the available sports form options.

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