In Star Conflict there was an update Journey

For the space action Star Conflict came a new update, which received the name Journey – and with it the game is waiting for many important changes.

The pumping system will change: players will now open new ranks, receive new ships and combat modules during the story campaign. The game history will hold space pilots in all corners of the Galaxy, will acquaint them with its inhabitants and teach them how to manage different ships in the most unpredictable conditions.

The fleet of spacecraft will also be significantly expanded and reworked. The game will have ships 16 and 17 ranks – the pinnacle of technological progress, and existing models will receive new combat and protective modules. All these changes will occur in the game gradually.

For players to be able to prepare for them, their fleets will be replenished with the new ship Object NY18. It will be a New Year’s gift for all the pilots who actively went into the game on holidays. On January 18, all pilots will be able to get Object NY18 for free. At each visit, they will be waiting for a gift – a set with one of the sectors of the ship. Having received all sectors, pilots will be able to assemble Object NY18 and go on it to battle.

Also in Star Conflict begins a global update of ships that are already familiar. Already, pilots can get almost two dozen modules, guns and modifiers, which will soon be able to equip their fleet. Those who can not wait to try out the newest ships of the 16th rank will also be able to speed up their receipt by performing special tasks in the game in January.

Read more about the rest of the news on the site of the game .

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