The release date of the cooperative shooter RAID about the Second World from the creators of Payday

Starbreeze announced that the cooperative shooter RAID: World War II from the studio Lion Game Lion will be released this fall: September 26 – on the PC, October 10 – on the consoles.

Studio Lion Game Lion is headed by the game director Ilya Petrusic – co-founder of Overkill and the lead level designer of the original Payday: The Heist and the sequel to Payday 2 . In other words, these guys know exactly how to make fascinating cooperative shooters.

RAID: World War II is dedicated to the period of the Second World War. Players are available four characters – former prisoners who have a chance for a second life, if they cope with extremely dubious and dangerous tasks to plunder the treasures of the Third Reich.

Each of the four heroes has a unique battle cry, with the activation of which teammates receive those or other bonuses. It is curious that a group of military robbers is composed not only of allies: along with the British, American and Russian, the German will also be plundered by his compatriots.

The developers promise a rich replayability thanks to the “Operation” mode. In it already passed missions will be organized into whole chains of tasks with the modified conditions, a new plot, content and tasks.

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