The nearest plans for DICE before the Turning Tides add-on to Battlefield 1

Studio DICE has updated the official site of Battlefield 1 , publishing a new add-on art Turning Tides and reminding players that DLC is coming out this December. However, until December many more content will be released.

In November, the Operation Campaigns mode comes out, which combines the individual “Operations” into a whole scenario, the implementation of which will provide players with unique awards. The first such campaign will be the Eastern Storm, which will combine two operations from the supplement In the Name of the Tsar.

Later in November there will be another campaign called Fall of Empires, which will combine two operations from the original release. In the development there are two more campaigns, the exact release dates of which are not yet reported.

And in December, players will be able to test the addition of Turning Tides, which will be dedicated to the famous maritime operations on the peninsula of Gallipoli and the port of Zeebrugge. Of course, DLC will add new weapons, maps, equipment and other content.

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