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Finally, the Mozilla Firefox Quantum version was released on November 14, 2017. In the quantum version, you will experience a 2-fold increase in RAM consumption by 30% compared to the Google Chrome browser . Perhaps you’re wondering how Firefox has achieved this unique Google Chrome optimization. For this reason, you can learn more by reading the entry Entering the Quantum Era by Firefox developers. The latest version of Firefox for all Mozilla Firefox 57.0 Win / macOS / Linux operating systems, along with a complete list of changes to this release, is given below. Mozilla Firefox A product of Mozilla is a secure, powerful, powerful, and feature rich and fast browser. The Mozilla Firefox browser can be ranked second after Google Chrome and above IE, Safari and Opera ! The ability to open all windows as Tabbed Browsing under a Firefox window and the ability to prevent pop-up windows from popping up is one of the features of this browser. High security and preventing the entry of spyware and spyware into your system is a superior feature of this software. It is powered by a powerful internal search engine, it also benefits from downloading files from the Internet at high speeds, it can categorize downloaded files and save itself in a specific folder.

Key Features Download Mozilla Firefox Quantum:

– With the expansion of the Web and the importance of advertising, web designers have been thinking of creating pages that would open without the user’s will, using the pop-up blocker feature, these pages do not allow harassment.
Possibility to open multiple pages in a tabbed browsing and drag-and-drop them.
– RSS Feeds
– Easy personal information management and erase
– Ability to drag and drop text into the search box
– Support for SVG and CSS2 and CSS3 and JavaScript
– Support for AJAX Designed Pages
– Support for common CMS features
– Collaboration with large companies like eBay and Yahoo and Google search engines
– Tens of different capabilities

Ability to customize

One of Firefox’s capabilities is to make it a browser for everyone’s tastes. For this, Firefox has two things to consider. First, browser capabilities, second appearance.
Customizing Firefox capabilities is possible with the help of small volume files called extensions. These extensions are in fact small pieces of program that add functionality to this browser. Its different themes make it even more customizable.

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