The first details of the economic simulator Jurassic World Evolution

In their last stream, developers from the studio Frontier touched on the topic of the future economic simulator Jurassic World Evolution for the construction and management of its own park of the Jurassic period.

Although serious details are not yet reported by the studio, the developers can, in general terms, imagine what exactly awaits us. In Frontier, they want the players to catch the most original sense of delight experienced by the audience of the first films.

You are waiting for all stages of the park, including the stage of obtaining dinosaur DNA from samples found during excavations in various corners of the world, and further application of genetic engineering to create embryos, grow and rear adult individuals.

In addition, the players themselves will be able to determine the development of the park through three potential destinations. The park can be built for entertainment purposes, with the aim of demonstrating high-end security technologies or embarking on the path of scientific progress and focus on deducing dinosaurs. Of course, all three approaches can be combined.

In addition to managing the park, you have to cope with various emergency situations, including dinosaur diseases, which affect the operation of attractions, as well as natural disasters and storms.

By the way, in the creation of materials for the game, Frontier relied not only on its own imagination, but also on the help of Universal Studios, which provided the necessary photographs, renderings and so on.

In addition, Frontier showed a new game trailer, shot on the engine. The release of Jurassic World Evolution will take place in the summer of 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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