In February, the episodic detective adventure The Council

Episodic detective adventure The Council – the first game of the studio Big Bad Wolf, published by Focus Home Interactive. Developed by veterans of the industry.

The composition of adventure will include five episodes, and the first one, entitled The Mad Ones, will be released in the coming February. Events unfold in 1793 on the private island of the mysterious Lord Mortimer, who invites to his reception a member of the secret society of Louis de Richet, who is the protagonist of the game.

The company de Richet will be charismatic historical figures, among whom you will find Napoleon Bonaparte and US President George Washington. Each of the guests keeps their own secrets; In addition, on the island itself, the mother of the protagonist disappeared without a trace.

The game features a system of “Social Impact”, which allows you to use skills and resources to gain an advantage and a planned outcome during conversations with other guests. You have to study the psychological profile of each character to find out their weaknesses.

It is curious that you can fail the attempt to fetch the necessary information from the character, but mistakes are not fatal for the passage. And you have to play with the consequences of their defeats.

You will be able to invest in 15 different skills, which significantly differentiates the game from adventyur Telltale. Episodes will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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