Developers from the studio Supermassive believe that the audience of videogames has become much wider

Studio Supermassive, whose breakthrough in the industry was provided by teenage horror Until Dawn , is now working on an interactive thriller Hidden Agenda , which should attract an even wider audience.

In fact, Until Dawn has attracted a lot of attention for the gaming experience it provides in the format of a playable movie. Hidden Agenda will bring this gaming experience to a new level of interactivity through the use of PlayLink technology and smartphones instead of the DualShock 4 controllers.

In the latest edition of GamesTM, the game’s director Will Doyle and senior producer Jez Harris touched on the topic of expanding the audience of the gaming industry, which is now attracted not only by the traditional concepts of videogames.

“I think this has been happening for some time. This is a game in the format of experience, not a standard set of theoretical tests. In Supermassive, we have already thought about this approach. In Until Dawn, you could play and die – and it did not really matter, because you still got a complete gaming experience, “Will Doyle said.

“I think more people began to play games, so you need to match more tastes. It seems to me that in this we play a big role, like Sony with PlayLink. They have already succeeded to some extent earlier in the life cycles of PlayStation with Buzz, Singstar and others. They know when it’s time for expansion, and we like to be a part of it, because it’s important, “Harris added.

Hidden Agenda developers themselves classify “as a competitive multiplayer narrative.” The release of the project is scheduled for October 24 – it will be included in the number of starting games for PlayLink technology.

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