Developers of Life is Strange Before the Storm explained why the game will be only three episodes

Life is Strange: Before the Storm from Deck Nine is a prequel of three episodes to the adventure of Life is Strange from Dontnod and tells the story of the friendship between Chloe and Rachel.

According to scriptwriter Zach Harrissa, the decision to make only three episodes for the prequel was not dictated by the desire to cut the game as much as possible. He explained this to GameSpot portal: “When we first discussed with Square Enix, how we will work with the brand and what story from Arcadia Bay we will tell, we did not talk about specific duration.”

“We considered stories of a variety of forms and scales. In the end, we came to the following: the story we found telling the chapter from Chloe’s life was naturally felt like an adventure for three episodes, “Garris explained, adding that it was much more appropriate to do three episodes than artificially stretch the game for the traditional five.

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