Designer BioShock and Prey joined 2K to work on a new project

Studio Arkane, who worked on such games as Dishonored and Prey , left Sean Elliot, who will join the staff of a new studio company 2K, formed in the Californian city of Novato.

Elliot in the new studio will deal with the combat system of the unannounced project. At one time he worked at the Irrational Games studio on the BioShock series , and if you believe the persistent rumors about the company 2K, the new project of the company may be the continuation of the steampunk franchise Ken Levin.

Given the appointment of Elliott to a new position and his track record, the new game really has every chance of being the continuation of the BioShock series. In Irrational Games Elliot worked as a producer of a franchise and a designer of levels.

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