In Counter-Strike Global Offensive there was a royal battle

According to rumors, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , the official regime of the “royal battle” may appear, which is not surprising given the fantastic popularity of the genre.

Valve is not in a hurry with the announcement, so for the embodiment of the “royal battle” in CS: GO took the players. German developer Kinsi launched its own server called Go4TheKill, which adds familiar PUBG , Fortnite: Battle Royale and H1Z1 elements to the game .

The game map is characterized by a mountainous landscape and a lot of small towns scattered throughout the territory. On the map you will be able to find various items, weapons and kits for replenishing health. Unfortunately, the server supports matches for only 20 people.

If you want to try out the Go4TheKill server for CS: GO, you can authorize yourself on the server’s site through your Steam account at your own peril . Then run the game client and wait for the notification of the start of the new match.

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