In Armored Warfare came the Caribbean crisis

For Armored Warfare came a massive update, dubbed the “Caribbean crisis.” The game has a new mode and the first special operation, the interface has been updated, and the collection of maps has replenished with one more location.

Special Operations – this is the new mode, which was included in the update 0.23. “The Caribbean Crisis” is the first special operation that is available to Armored Warfare players right now and unites 3 missions with a common plot. The story will begin in 2042 in the Mojave Desert, where a massive battle for a chemical plant owned by Clayburn Industries will take place.

In update 0.23 the map “Pleternitsa” is added – the location for day and night battles, where you can use the night vision device for the first time. Battles will unfold in a small village in the foothills of the north of the Balkan Peninsula.

More details about all the changes in the update 0.23 you can find out on the official website of the game . And on the page of the action ” New Look ” you can get a gift – premium tank AMX-10RCR VIVE LA FRANCE for 30 days and the title “Expert in Armata”.

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