Announced the addition of the Golden Age for Cossacks 3

Company GSC Game World announced today the addon ” Cossacks 3: The Golden Age ” – a new addition, which will be released later this month – August 24.

“The Golden Age” adds a lot of new content to the game: a completely new multiplayer mode “Historical Battle”, single scenarios, a new game campaign, early access to 2 new nations and 5 new units, as well as 2 new soundtracks.

The regime “Historical Battle” supports the participation of 8 people. Players are waiting for eight large-scale historical battles, which will rewrite the course of history. Switzerland and Piedmont are preparing to enter the battle – new playable factions.

New units further diversify the variability of game strategies. In Switzerland, the 17th-century Pikiner, the Huntsman and the Equestrian Huntsman (a unique hussar) will be added. Piedmont will be joined by the Padres and Dragoons of the 18th century.

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