In addition Waking the Tiger for Hearts of Iron 4 you can overthrow Hitler

More recently, Paradox has announced a new addition to Waking the Tiger for the global military strategy Hearts of Iron 4 , which adds to the game options, many of which have long appeared in it thanks to custom modifications.

However, if you are not a fan of outfitting games with third-party mods, then Waking the Tiger – just for you. The supplement is focused on the Asian front of World War II and adds a national tree of tricks for China that you can make a communist power or a democratic republic – it all depends on your preferences.

In addition, the national tree of Germany and Japan is supplemented, which does not necessarily have to go through fascism. In Germany, you will have the opportunity to overthrow Hitler, and Japan can be returned to the path of democracy. Waking the Tiger adds other changes that will significantly simplify your life.

At the head of several armies you will be able to deploy field marshals to better coordinate the movements of large groupings of troops, you can use political force to make national decisions, pick up equipment from the battlefield and do many other things.

So far, the release date of the add-on is not known, but the page on Steam promises an early exit.

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